Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28 weeks! Happy Third Trimester!!!

Yes! We've made it to the 3rd and last trimester of pregnancy! It's been a rough and bumpy road here and there but the end is in sight and I can almost feel my little girl in my arms now!

The tech/nurse lady we had this time around wasn't near as good at getting awesome pics as the other lady we've always had has been .. but it was a good appointment over all. The kids were able to go and they got to see her on the screen and hear her heartbeat and all of that fun stuff.

We were able to see everything we needed to see and we even got to see both little feet and you could tell by the images that she's got 5 little piggies on each foot! That is always good to know as a momma!

They still don't have any idea why I'm still spotting and having so many BH/contractions but basically she said I probably just have what's called a "friable cervix" which essentially means the more active I am with a little baby pressing against it, the easier it's going to bleed. Joy.

Anyhow, onto the good stuff! In the pic you can see half of her sweet little face. She's so close to my cervix and pressed so far against the placenta you can't see a whole lot, but the half you can see is so precious <3 Ok, ok, I'm probably biased. Based just on the picture she looks to have my eyes and the kids' cheeks and Joe's nose and head shape! (Awwww)

Monday, December 12, 2011

26 Weeks

Well the doctor did it. She threatened me with bed rest. She said if she restricts me to bed rest I'm not going to be allowed to get up and go anywhere except the bathroom, shower, food and dr appointments. No grocery, no school activities, no nothing. Eek!

Haevyn is doing well, and aside from all my discomfort .. I am too. I think. I just did my glucose test today (EW!!) and they'll call me with the results on that in the next day or two.

I do have to go back in 2 weeks rather than 3 or 4 because they're getting concerned with all the symptoms I'm having and wanna keep a closer watch. Woo boy. That's fun.

On another note, I do actually need to go to the grocery store, but I'm not sure just how long is safe to be on my feet :( Dr said if I start having braxton hicks again and especially if I start spotting again I need to get my butt to the Women's Center (L&D) immediately to get checked out. Grr this baby is already a sweet little pain in the butt and she's not even here! lol

The kids got to pick each others Christmas gifts out yesterday, that was fun. I need to get them wrapped and tossed under the tree now so they're not tempted to try hunting them down!

I'm exhausted. I wanna take a nap. Ah well .. guess I'll do without one today.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I do it in the shower...

Breast Cancer Awareness 2011

In 2010, an estimated 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 54,010 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer. About 1,970 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in men in 2010.

No matter who you are or where you do it, remember to check your breasts regularly!

(Couldn't get around getting some baby belly in the pic this year!)


I went two days without posting. There goes my trying to post something every day in October! lol

Honestly, things were just getting a bit too hectic for me, and making full on posts was just not working!

Maybe I'll try again next month with just Wordless Posts or something. We'll see.

In other news, tomorrow is the big day!! We find out if we're having another baby boy or another baby girl! I cannot wait! The kids are also SO excited!! I really don't see any disappointment going either way with them, either, which is SO NICE. I was honestly getting a little nervous that they were going to have their minds set on one sex or the other .. so far, that hasn't happened. Although, I do think my daughter is wanting a sister pretty badly.. But, I think she'll be ecstatic no matter what. And I know when baby comes she'll love him or her regardless :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Star light...

Mehkaelie spotted the moon and the first star (that we could see) tonight. We thought it was pretty cool so we decided to take a picture :)

I remember when I was little, looking up at the sky, waiting on that first star.. Making wishes and hoping like hell they'd come true. Because, you know, I NEEDED those wishes to come true. What little girl wants to go her life without a pony or a new outfit just like her friends that cost $300?

So .. make a wish.

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight. (And as my kids like to end their wishes..) Please and thank you, Star.

Until tomorrow..

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I cannot seem to get enough to drink today! My mouth has been dry since I woke up this morning and I swear if I drink anymore I'm going to drown. Hopefully in the morning, it will be gone and I'll feel better, because on top of super dry mouth, I've also been feeling exhausted and run down. You know, pregnant.

This is just the water tops from the water I've drank this evening. I'm sure I had just as much if not more than that earlier today. I already need to buy a new case of water.

Agh! Moisten mouth! Now!!

Until tomorrow..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been SO dang tired today. I've been lying around most of the day and the parts that I was up for, well .. let's just say I didn't get a whole lot accomplished. I guess I did get some laundry done but there's still plenty I didn't.

I'm feeling kind of like I'm in a funk. I'm not sure why, just am.. Hopefully it passes soon..

Until then, here's another short and quick post for you.

Cole found this pink Halloween basket tonight while cleaning his room. It's from last year. We've already gotten him a new one for this year so he handed this one to me tonight saying that I could use it. When I tried to explain to him that mommy's don't trick-or-treat we just take our kids around so that they can, he wasn't having it. He told me the baby wanted candy so I have to. Clever boy of mine, yes?

Mehkaelie also cleaned up her room and it looks (and smells!) SO much better. When I asked her what she cleaned some things down with (you could smell it in the air) she smiled and said "The blue shampoo". When I asked her why she used shampoo she said "Because it's gentle and tear free, and it smells like blueberry." Haha I thought it was just too cute. Nothing she wiped down needed tear free cleansing, but hey, I suppose it worked.

I'm off to bed.. Until tomorrow..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I swear he poses when he sleeps every night. The other night, his hand was over his forehead like a "swoon" position, one night his hand was on his cheek with his mouth open like he was shocked .. last night he had his little fist under his chin like he was thinking lol

So precious, he is.

Sister being an excellent influence on brother! They love to read, by themselves, together, to each other, to me, with me.. They both always have books in their hands these days. I love it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Crisis Averted, A Ceremony Had

The day started out quite early. Not any earlier than any other week day, though. Just early for "a day off". I woke up, woke Mehkaelie up and got her around and ready for school. Once she was taken care of and off to start her day, I woke up Cole. He woke up surprisingly easy. He seems to really enjoy going to doctor appointments for some reason! We started to wake Joe up, which wasn't as easy. It took a few tries, but alas, he woke up with plenty of time to wake up and get ready to go. Cole had a bowl of cereal and just as I was going to pour one I noticed the time. Not enough time, darn it. Oh well, I would just grab something on the way home.

Before we left the house, I asked Joe several times if I should print off a map so we'd have an idea of where we were going. We've been to Children's several times, but there is construction on some of the major roads that we would usually take. "No. I don't need one, I'm just going to take Penn." was his response every time. HAH! Yeah. That didn't work. We ended up lost in the city, again. Good thing I didn't print off that map, eh?

Something you should know about Joe. He can't stand to make a left hand turn. He just can't do it. Unless we are in a strictly left hand turning lane that is clearly marked and all other traffic is stopped, he is absolutely incapable of making a left hand turn. So, after MANY right hand turns, we somehow end up on a ONE WAY STREET. Joe's response to this? "Oh shit! What do I do?! WHAT DO I DO?!" I'm biting the inside of my cheek SO HARD trying not to laugh at him as I tell him calmly to just chill out and take the next right hand turn he can into a parking lot to turn around or something. Does he? No. One, two, three parking lots later, he finds an intersection and shoots down it. Luckily, it's the way we needed to be going to get back on route. Crisis averted. For now.

We get to Children's and as we're circling, looking for the entrance to the parking garage, we notice a huge loading truck parking the way. Joe gets his panties all in a bunch now. I tell him to just calm down (again, this was a theme in the car today) and we would find another parking garage nearby or something. He decides that he's going to just pull back around and if they're not moved, he's going to make me and Cole walk. Ok, yeah, because that's a better idea. Not wanting to argue, though, I just nod my head. As we're pulling back around they're starting to clear the way, whew! Another crisis averted. Making a pregnant momma and a six year old walk quite a distance in the cold is just not my way of starting a morning right!

We pull in, park, and Cole is absolutely amazed by the sheer size of the building!

Oh yes, we took pictures!

Upon entering, he was even more amazed. It was like discovering a new world! The colors, the art, the "SUPER COOL THINGS EVERYWHERE!" (as said by Cole, himself.). We took more pictures.

Those bubbles behind him in the glass wall - they change colors. Oh yes. It was very cool.

Seriously gorgeous butterflies suspended from the windows on the ceilings. Just beautiful.

And as we're sitting in the doctors office waiting, I realize how absolutely huge my stomach has gotten, even through my hoodie.

Yikes! It doesn't even fit in the whole frame!

- Doctors appointment went great! Cole's healing up perfectly, but still no super active happenings for the next two weeks. But he can start running and playing as long as his head doesn't start to hurt! Yay!

On the way home, we stopped by Joe's parents house to pick up the truck. We'd borrowed his dads car to head into the city since the truck had been acting up. On our way home, the trucks battery ate it. Joe went into a fury. My word. It was like everything that had happened today just welled up in him and exploded. It was quite comical. I'm sorry, but it was. We sat in the parking lot of Subway because he didn't want to call and ask his dad for a ride or anything. I called my dad, but as he's 4 hours away, it didn't do any good haha. I did update him about Cole and everything, though.

This evening Cole was being honored for being the student of the month for the character trait "Enthusiasm". It was great fun! He was a bit nervous, but overall I think he was super excited! PLUS! He gets to be in the newspaper for the first time! Which, of course, is just super cool in and of itself!! We were so glad we got to share this with his Nana Becky! And we hope Papa Charlie feels better, soon! We emailed pics to Papa George so he can check them out with us!

And that concluded my eventful day. Now, Joe and I are going to watch a bit of Supernatural before bed. Or WoW. I may WoW before I go to bed. Probably will, actually.

Until tomorrow my friends..

Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's been raining here for two full days now and I AM LOVING IT!! It looks like it's about to move out of the area sometime late tonight/early tomorrow morning, though. *sadface* Boo. I'd be perfectly content with the rain sticking around for another solid week or so. But, alas, Mother Nature has other plans, as always.

This evening we went over to the in-laws for some delicious food, fun games, and as always, good company. Joe even changed a few light bulbs! While I'm happy that he helped them out with this, I'm a bit peeved because I can't get him to do it here at home!! Ah well, now I have something to dangle over his head next time a light bulb blows here. *wink*

My mother-in-law invested in some gorgeous lawn lights for her backyard. They're in different shapes, birds, butterflies and the like.. and they light up different colors! They're so pretty, I just had to snap a picture for my daily blog pic. You can also see, it's still raining!

So pretty!

As far as I'm feeling lately, not great. I'm still having headaches that won't stop, my feet are looking more and more hobbit like by the day and overall I'm just feeling completely sapped of energy. I know all of these things are common in pregnancy but I am just concerned with all of them, at once, this early on in the second trimester.

Cole has a neurology appointment tomorrow with the neurosurgeon to be released for regular activities again. I think he's looking forward to it, although he's a bit sad that he won't be having indoor recess anymore.

Mehkaelie is feeling better, too. She bumped her head at school on Thursday and had a pretty bad sore throat and cough but both seem to have cleared up fairly quickly.

Until tomorrow my friends..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eating For Two

As any expectant mother knows (or should know), "eating for two" doesn't actually mean doubling up on everything you eat. In fact, you really only need a couple hundred extra calories. Considering the couple thousand some you need regularly, this is not very much. However, a lot of us encourage mommy's-to-be to indulge a little more than we would were they not pregnant. Pregnancy has sort of become a societal pass to the all-you-can-eat food bar of life. And, I'm not alone when I say I've taken advantage.

Take today, for example. After waking up to a cereal craving (Chocolate Lucky Charms, mmm) only to discover once the cereal has been poured that we have no milk, we hightailed it to the grocery store. Upon reaching the milk isle, I remembered that there were a few other things I needed, so we made our way around isle to isle picking up said items. When, wait! There they were!

The Halloween Oreo Cookies are back! Orange colored filling deliciousness and all! The baby did a flip just as I saw them. It was a sign. The baby needed these cookies, and hey, I wasn't about to say no to my unborn child when it came to one of my favorite holiday cookies!

The cookies were had. And they were good!

I'm wondering how long "but the baby wanted them!" will work for .. Hmm.. we'll see.

Until tomorrow my friends..

Friday, October 7, 2011

Their Smiles

Their smiles are all I need to turn a crappy day around.

Sweet, aren't they?

Granted, they've not been wanting to show those smiles too much lately - it seems all they do is snipe at each other lately! Oh siblings.. Such fun :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


It's been a long day!

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet .. I'm going to leave you with this picture today. Not food related! is a sort of social connection site for hooking up people with similar interests in different things. Anything from celebrity gossip to movies to music to food! It's pretty awesome. Definitely worth checking out!

Once you've accumulated a good "like list" (yes, you "like" things just like on Facebook) you can start "checking in" to things that you're doing. When you watch a movie, check in. When you read a book, check in. So on and so forth .. by doing this it earns you stickers! Who doesn't love stickers? Once you accumulate 20 stickers you can request them to be sent to you and they send them right on, free of charge and everything!

So there we have it. My first set of stickers! Woot! Thanks GetGlue!!

Until Tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Children and Potatoes

Mehkaelie seems to be coming home from school quite upset a lot lately.
At first it was this kid that was picking on her. This is the 3rd year they've had the same class and it just never seems to stop with this kid. At the beginning of the school year, the first full week in fact, I was right up there at the school talking to the teacher and telling her what was going on and finding out what we needed to do to deal with the issue. She separated the two of them and promised to keep an eye out and deal with the situation accordingly. This seemed to work because I've not heard a word about this kid since.
Now, however, it's a new situation. Apparently the teacher has adopted an entire class punishment method for dealing with the louder more talkative children in class. If they talk when they're not supposed to, they have to walk for X minutes quietly at recess while watching the other children play. If they get caught talking while walking they get into more trouble and as such have to walk longer. Mehkie's biggest problem with this is that she feels like she's continuously being punished for no wrong-doing on her part. I'm not entirely sure she's not one of the ones talking, of course, but up until now we've never had a problem with her talking in class when she wasn't supposed to, so honestly .. I'm inclined to believe her when she says she's not. So .. that said.. I'm sort of on a fence here. I do understand where the teacher is coming from with trying this tactic, hoping the talkers will feel bad about taking recess away from everyone, etc but seriously? They're fourth graders.. they're not going to feel THAT bad. And they're going to talk. They're children. Taking away everyone's recess every day is a bit excessive in my opinion, especially for the children that aren't misbehaving.
Oh goodness.. I don't know. My momma bear side wants to rip the teacher a new one for upsetting my little girl but of course, I can't do that. I am going to have another talk with the teacher, though because this is just getting out of hand, I think. My daughter should definitely not come home crying on a regular basis because she got in trouble at school again for something she didn't do. I would understand it if it was every once in a while, but no .. it doesn't seem to be.


Tonight for dinner we had twice baked potatoes. I debated if these could be their own meal or if I needed to add extra things.. Once I got to making them though, it became clear. They would definitely suffice as their own meal! These things are huge and oh my goodness so good!

The kids loved them, and they had a blast helping me make them!

The Recipe:

Adapted from Kraft.

1 head garlic (I ended up only using 1/2 of this, as delicious as it smelled, it was an awful lot of garlic!)
1 tsp. oil
4 large baking potatoes (2-1/2 lb.)
1/2 cup Sour Cream
6oz VELVEETA®, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
1/4 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
4 slices Bacon, cooked, crumbled
Shredded cheese of choice

HEAT oven to 400°F.

CUT thin slice off top of garlic; discard top. Place garlic on sheet of foil; drizzle with oil. Wrap loosely with foil. Prick potatoes in several places with fork. Bake potatoes and garlic 1 hour.

REDUCE oven temperature to 350ºF. Cut small slice off both ends of each potato. Cut potatoes crosswise in half. Scoop out centers, leaving 1/8-inch-thick shells. Place potato flesh in medium bowl; mash. Squeeze garlic out of papery shell into bowl with potatoes. Add sour cream, the VELVEETA and Parmesan; beat until fluffy. Spoon into shells, mounding filling as necessary; place in shallow baking dish.

BAKE 30 min.; top with shredded cheese . Bake 5 min. or until melted. Sprinkle with bacon.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Lion King

The kids and I had a pretty great evening watching The Lion King together and munching on chicken nuggets, french fries and gravy for dipping! Yum!

Sadly, the only thing I made was the gravy. We had Tyson Chicken Nuggets and Oreida french fries. Not homemade, but still quite delicious!

The kids loved the movie! I was so glad because it's always been one of my favorites!

Well, that's it for today, short and sweet. I'm beat. Off to bed!

Until tomorrow..

Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Letters

Dear unborn child growing inside of me,

I know it's not entirely your fault that I'm still having morning sickness and my hormones are so out of whack I could probably play an extra on Jerry Springer, but baby, if there is any way you could help tone these things down a bit, I'd appreciate it so very much.

Dear Joe,

Thank you.

Dear Mehkaelie,

I'm sorry that I gave you my tendency to cry at the drop of a hat and feel like everything is such a big deal all the time. I promise, it gets better. I'll help you. Please be patient with me as we work together to learn how, though.

Dear Dad,

You were right. Go ahead and laugh.

Dear Cole,

I'm sorry school starts so early in the morning, I promise you'll be OK though. I wouldn't wake you up and send you off to school every morning if I didn't believe this with all of my heart. I hope you can forgive me when you grow up, graduate college and have a wonderful career to support yourself and your family.

Dear Fall Weather,

You rock. I love you. Please don't leave me.

Dear Crock Pot,

You are a lifesaver. I'm sorry it took me so long to realize your full potential. Forgive me for all of the future abuse you'll be subjected to as I use you a LOT more regularly.

Dear Fancy Rats,

If you could please KEEP IT DOWN in the middle of the night, that would be just swell.

-Always, Tasia


I should have just called this monthly thing of mine something along the lines of "What We Eat!" It's all been about food so far! And, again, it is still.

Spaghetti with homemade sauce, topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese served with Texas toast lightly buttered with mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheeses topped with dried oregano. Mm, mm, mm! This turned out fantastic!

I was a bit concerned with the sauce, to be honest. I'm not one for a LOT of sauce on my pasta and I absolutely must mix it in rather than top it (as you can see). I've never managed to make decent pasta sauce, until now. This turned out so fabulous, I am going to make it again very soon!

Here's the recipe:

1tsp Salt
3/4 teaspoon white sugar
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder (I used just a dab more)
2 tablespoons dried minced onion
1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste
1 small can diced mushrooms (And then I diced them even smaller and only used 1/2 the tiny can)
1tsp cooking oil
1/4c water

Combine, boil, simmer, done.

I used thin spaghetti noodles tonight even though I generally do not. Why did I do this? Because when you send a man to the grocery store without being completely specific, you live with what they bring home. That's why.

This recipe came out of a cookbook that I received from my mother-in-law that a church congregation put together years and years ago of their favorite homemade dishes. Some of the recipes call for things I've never heard of! Things that have since been discontinued or turned into something else, etc. Very fun to look through!

I hope you all are having a great week! Until tomorrow.. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekends End

Well, here we go again. Another week is upon us. This weekend went by relatively smoothly around here. The kids enjoyed playing outside in this beautiful Fall weather and I had fun listening to them giggle and laugh and run around. The only downside is that my sinuses have been acting up something awful. I have to wait until tomorrow morning to call my OB to find out what's safe to take, though. With the blood pressure meds and pregnancy and all.

I've gotten back into playing World of Warcraft and I've been finding it surprisingly relaxing. I miss all my old friends that I used to play with and I definitely miss all of the "busyness" that accompanied it with the raids and achievement whoring and what have you, but I'm enjoying rolling my new character, my first Horde!

In other news, Cole has not taken his Woody hat off from his costume since we bought it. He looks adorable, of course, but I'm really hoping he doesn't tear it up before Halloween comes around! I've been able to keep him out of his costume thus far (just barely!).

Today the baby decided s/he wanted No Bake Cookies. Who am I to refuse my unborn child? Of course I caved. I love No Bake Cookies, by far my favorite cookie!

The Recipe:

2 cups sugar
4 tablespoons cocoa
1 stick butter
1/2 cup milk
1 cup peanut butter
1 tablespoon vanilla
3 cups oatmeal

Boil together the sugar, cocoa, butter and milk. Let boil for 1 minute then add peanut butter, vanilla and oatmeal.

Drop onto wax paper by the spoonful and let cool and harden.

Enjoy! But be quick, these go FAST!

I'm not sure where I got this recipe to be honest. I've had it written in one of my recipe books for as long as I can remember! If I recall, I'll be sure to come back and edit this to give proper credit due! I'm almost certain it's my dad's recipe, though!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Until tomorrow..

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October!

Wow! October! Already!!?

Oh yes, I can assure you that it is. If you don't believe me, check your calendar. My six year old woke me up at approximately 1am (I can't remember what the blurry clock said exactly) to tell me, "Mom! It's October! Which is closer to December! Which is CHRISTMAS!!" Apparently waiting 6-7 hours to tell me this, you know, when we were both awake, was just not an option. But alas, bad timing or no, he's correct. It's October. Which is closer to December. Which is indeed Christmas time. Ew. I'm definitely not ready for Christmas just yet. I'm sure come Halloween I'll be more on board with the idea. Especially since that's about when every store around town will be starting to shove Christmas down your throat, ready or not.

Well, back to Halloween. We picked out the kids' costumes today. They were excited! Cole is going to be Woody, go figure; And Mehkaelie is going to be a vampiress! She was originally wanting to be a Monster High vampire girl but sadly, they do not carry those costumes in her size. I told her it was simple enough we could buy the components and create it ourselves, but I don't think she has so much confidence in my skills. She decided to go ahead and choose something else. Ah well, I think this is much more fitting for her, anyway! Now if I could just keep them both out of their costumes until Halloween..... Yeah, right.

Pumpkins, scarecrows, hay stacks, candy.

There are so many things to love about October! One of my favorite things is definitely the cooler weather! Of course, a very close second is watching all of the gorgeous colors come out. Reds and oranges, golds and browns. Natures canvas of awesomeness.

I mentioned previously that I'd been wanting to do a 30's days type of thing again. Well, I decided to start small. Simple. Do something easy that I know I could commit to and stick with. What am I going to do? Pictures. My daily life in pictures. Yes, those of you that have followed previous blogs of mine know that this is something I have done before. Like I said, it's small and simple and easy to commit to! So everyday in October I'm going to post at least one picture, sometimes more, of something going on in my life. I can't wait to see if I can remember to do this or not. My brain has been so fuzzy lately I am forgetting the most basic of things, it seems! But we'll see!

Day 1 - October 1st

Food porn. I'll admit here and now, I'm no photographer. While I love photography and even more so I love taking pictures, I'm definitely no Miguel Gomez.With that in mind...

Lately I've been wanting to make something different. From what, you may wonder? Well, let me explain. My entire grown up life, I've always liked to cook. I especially love to bake. But alas, I was blessed with a family of INCREDIBLY PICKY EATERS. This is not to say that I myself am not a picky eater as well, because honestly, when it comes to meats and the like, I most definitely am. Generally, unless it's ground beef, chicken, occasionally ham or turkey, or bacon, I would opt to steer clear from it. Perhaps it's the pregnancy, perhaps I'm just growing, whatever the case my be, I've been going outside of that comfort zone a little more and fixing full on pure beef meals.

Take tonight. I made French Dip subs for dinner. YUM. Although not Arby's they were quite delicious!

Two pounds of chuck roast in a crock pot of yummy for 7 hours served on warm hoagies with shredded mozzarella cheese. Yummy. I dipped mine in some of the left over au jus that it cooked in all day, fabulous. Mehkaelie ate hers with no dipping and Cole and Joe opted to just eat theirs sans bread all together.

The Recipe:
Adapted from

1 can Campbells Beef Consomme
1 packet dry au jus mix
1 packet dry onion soup mix
2 pound beef chuck roast
Hoagie buns
Mozzarella cheese, shredded

Combine beef consomme with both mix packets and one consomme can of water, mix well. Pour into crock pot, add beef. Cook 6 hours until tender. Shred and let remain cooking 1 hour.

Serve on warm or toasted hoagie buns with mozzarella cheese.
Scoop broth from the crock pot into small bowl for dipping.

I think next time I make this, I may nix the onion soup mix and play with something else for that ingredient. While it was quite delicious, the onion and salt flavor from the broth didn't play well on my tongue after a while. We'll see.

I hope you all have a wonderful October! Feel free to follow me through my daily life this month. Who knows what trouble we'll get in to!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Website You Must Check Out

This morning as I was browsing through Facebook I came across a post that was pretty hilarious. It had nothing to do with small animals or babies with angry faces or even priests. What was it, you ask? It was a screenshot of a cell phone after an auto-correct texting fail. Who hasn't had one of those happen before? Sometimes they're just so damn funny you can't help but wish you could have shared it with the world. Well, if you have an iPhone, now you can. Apparently we droid'ers aren't good enough for interwebs just yet. Or at least I haven't found one.

Anyhow, here it is. Check it out!

Damn You Auto Correct!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Be Silly

Me and my babies at the park taking a quick sec for a photo op. They wouldn't just take a straight up sweet picture with me so we went goofy with it. Why not? We're not sweet people anyway! ;)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Just a short post today. I've been so exhausted lately! I'm sure the small human growing inside of me has something to do with that, but geez!! I've been having such vivid dreams at night I wake up in the morning feeling like I didn't sleep a wink! I try napping during the day but there's so much other stuff that needs to be done.. though, to be honest, I sit around staring at everything that needs to be done more often than not so nothing ever really ends up getting done anyway before I end up giving in to taking a nap anyway. Agh!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Saturday! That means I get to sleep in! Assuming the kids will .. Please, please children, for the sake of mommy's sanity, sleep in a little in the morning!! Perhaps I'll keep them up a little later this evening just to insure they do.. hmm..

Happy Weekend everyone! Be safe!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

...and my kids turned out fine!

Call me moody, hormonal, whatever.. it's not just the pregnancy, though it may have something to do with the intensity I've been feeling about this situation of late.

I am getting SO tired of hearing how So-and-So did this-or-that and their kid/s turned out fine! Or So-and-So's mom did such-and-such and s/he turned out just fine!


I do not care that your mother had a glass of wine every night with supper and here you are, perfectly "normal". Nor do I care that you ate sushi once a week with your first baby and he is "perfect".

No pregnancy is the same for even one woman, let alone between separate women! Just because something didn't effect you or your mom or your second cousin's ex sister-in-law negatively, it still COULD be harmful to someone else!
Our doctors don't give us guidelines to follow just because they want to see how much we squirm at not getting to drink our normal six cups of coffee every day or not eating our favorite sandwich from our favorite convenience store just because there's something about their lunch meat that tastes better than others. No. They give us these guidelines to follow because over the decades (since your grandma and mother were having kids) they've come to identify problems with certain things in pregnant women. This is not to say that your child is going to be born with a third eye or no left leg because you didn't quit smoking while you were pregnant. But there were a significant enough number of cases where something turned out not-quite-right over the years that seemed to point back to just that in several other people.

If you don't want to follow your doctors guidelines, that's your choice. I'm not going to support or condemn you for it. But please stop telling me (and other people) how it's not a big deal because it turned out differently for you or whomever. You don't know what sort of medical trouble Mommy X is having and as such Baby Y could be effected negatively by your advice that Z is ok because of your personal history.

That said, I will openly admit that during my pregnancy with Mehkaelie I drank tea like it was water. I couldn't actually stand water and it wouldn't stay down and "back then" (wow I'm not old enough to say that yet, right?!) they told me not to add artificial sweeteners to it because they weren't sure how it effects unborn babies yet. So, instead, I took to tea. Which as we all know is mostly water! ;) And yes, she was perfectly healthy when she was born and drinking daily gallons of caffeine didn't seem to effect her poorly in any way, but that does not mean I'm going to suggest to someone else that their baby will be fine because mine was.

Pregnant women have enough to stress about as far as what's good, bad or potentially devastating for their baby without others suggesting that their doctors are paranoid. Even with all precautions being taken and expectant mothers doing their best to create and maintain the penthouse of all wombs for their little ones, something, somewhere can still go awry. So why add to that with unsolicited advice and opinions on how breaking "the rules" worked out fine for you?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Peed On Baking Soda

There are all kinds of old wives tales that proclaim to be able to predict the gender of your unborn fetus. I decided to give a few of these a go.

Test #1 - The Baking Soda Test

What you do: Best to use disposable paper cups for this. Scoop 1tsp baking soda into one cup and pee into another. Pour a little of your pee into the cup with the baking soda.

Results: If the baking soda fizzles (like soda pop), congratulations! It's a boy!
If the baking soda does not fizzle, congratulations! It's a girl!

My results: It's a girl! There was no fizzle for me.

Test #2 - The Wedding Band Test

What you do: Tie your wedding band (some of these say to use your mother's wedding band) to a piece of thread and hold it above your belly.

Results: If the ring swings back to front or side to side, congratulations! It's a boy!
If the ring swings in circles, congratulations! It's a girl!

My results: It's a girl! It only swung in circles above my belly.

Test #3 - The Needle Test

What you do: Tie a needle to a piece of thread and hold it above your left palm.

Results: If the needle swings back to front or side to side, congratulations! It's a boy.
If the needle swings in circles, congratulations! It's a girl!

My results: It's a girl! It only swung in circles above my left palm.

Test #4 - The Chinese Gender Chart

Results: Follow instructions on how to calculate your "lunar age" and follow the chart from there.

My Results: It's a girl!

Test #5 - Based on Heart Rate

Results: If the baby's heart rate is below 140bpm, congratulations! It's a boy!
If the baby's heart rate is above 140bpm, congratulations! It's a girl!

My Results: It's a girl! At my last scan, the baby's heart rate was 160bpm.

So, there you have it. According to five old wives tales, it's a girl! Of course, these are just for fun and I won't start buying all pink just yet. ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

You Gotta LoL

No one knows Childish Chaos like Anita Renfro! She really speaks "mom". I love watching, reading, listening to her. It makes my life seem a little more ordinary.

Oh Monday, Monday

Good Monday my readers. Whoever you are.

I woke up feeling quite energetic this morning! They say that's what happens come the 2nd trimester. I'm very glad that "they" were right on this little fact because, well, let me just tell you.. my bathroom was in desperate need of a little TLC. It's looking (and smelling!!) so much better now!

The kids were both on top of their games this morning with giving me a chuckle. First two newest entries here will explain.

This is the first week in a while that I don't have anything "extra" going on. No doctors appointments for myself or the kids.. nothing to help out with at the school or anywhere else. Perhaps this house will actually appear clean by the weekend?! One can hope.

I did manage to finish my dinner menu for the week, finally. After much procrastinating and looking up recipes I've decided what I'm going to do each night! Score! Tonight we are going to have Cheesy Italian Tortellini. This looks and sounds amazing, I can't wait to try it and let you know how it turns out! I am tweeking the recipe a bit to suit our tastes. I'm not using the sausage. We are just not huge fans of sausage outside of breakfast here. Plus, since my crock pot is enormous and the "Low" setting on it is equivalent to the "high" setting when it's not very full, I'm cutting the cooking time in half.

One of the gals on the Just Mommies message board I've been frequenting is thinking of starting a 365 blog. Anyone who used to read my blog before knows how much I love those! So I'm definitely looking forward to reading and sharing that with you! :)

It also got me to thinking that I need to start a "30 Days" theme again. I do so miss doing those. I'll think of what I'm going to do and let you know :)

Have A Happy Monday, my friends!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Mehkaelie is having her first sleepover tonight and I am having quite a hard time with it. All of the worst case scenario's are running through my head (and I do mean WORST) as I'm laying around the house trying to get some rest. I met the parents, I saw the house, I saw all the other little girls there with her so I know logically she's going to be just fine.. I just can't help missing having her here. The house feels so different without her presence and dramatics surrounding it.

I had Mehkaelie just 12 days after my 17th birthday. Since then, she's rarely been out of my sight for any large period of time. She's had one other "sleepover" her entire life and that was with her auntie and she was barely two. I suppose I'm having some separation anxiety with her spending the night with her friend now. I know it's part of growing up, and I remember being just a year younger than her when I had my first sleepover at a non-relatives house. I'd probably feel a little more comfortable if she'd have stayed overnight with family more often. I wouldn't feel like something was she was missing.

Oh, my little girl. From the tiny baby that I couldn't put down because I was afraid she wasn't real, she was so tiny and so perfect and so..mine.., to the nine year old young lady I dropped off down the block today, who barely hugged and kissed me goodbye, so eager to go play with the other little girls.. My heart isn't going to feel full again until I pick her up in the morning and get a real hug and get to hear all about her sleepover.

Is that silly? Am I way too attached to my little girl?

Ah, well.. if I am, I am. I can't help it. I just love her so much.

I can't even begin to think about Cole's first sleepover and much later on down the road the new baby's. Oh my.. It's true. I get older every year they do. Yikes!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cool, Rainy Days

Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely, positively LOVE rainy days. I'm not sure what it is but for some reason, when the rain is falling and the wind is blowing, I feel like nothing in the world is such a big damn deal anymore. The weather has also gotten a lot cooler of late and that is just fantastic by my standards! I was getting tired of running the air and staying inside because it was so disgustingly hot out! With Fall on it's way quick, fast and in a hurry, we seem to be staying around 65-80*F and it's gorgeous. A little chilly in the mornings, but gorgeous!

So my first meal tribute to the Fall is "firing up" the crock-pot and making some homemade vegetable beef stew! I enjoy using the crock-pot for cooking. I love how it makes the entire house smell so delicious all day (although that's also a bad thing because it makes me so hungry!!), I love how when it's ready there's not a lot of additional "doings" - you just scoop, plate, and go! I'll be making corn muffins about half an hour before time to eat so we'll have those to go with it!

I still need to make my dinner menu up. Gosh, I was supposed to do it yesterday and never did. Oops! I must, must, must get it done today because I'm not sure we have enough groceries in the house to get through the weekend to be honest!

Well I think it is the perfect kind of day to curl up with a blanket and a good book, sit by the window so you can listen to the rain fall and just relax. Too bad I'm not going to be doing that. Perhaps I'll open a window so that while I'm making my menu I can at least listen to the rain!

Here's to a lovely weekend my friends...

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Letters

Dear Gummy Bear In My Belly,
I already think that you have a beautiful head and that's just from an ultrasound image. That may sound, weird, but you'll grow to love my strangeness. Oh, and if you could, I'd really enjoy eating today and having it stay down. I love you!

Dear Cole,
You tickle me. Never stop being you.

Dear Mehkaelie,
I know you're trying to grow up and that means making your own decisions, but baby, those jog shorts under that gorgeous, poofy dress just don't make sense. That's ok, as long as you know you're beautiful and feel beautiful, you can wear whatever you want.

Dear Laundry Detergent,
Could you maybe NOT smell so awful right now? I'd appreciate it.

Dear WoW,
I have not forgotten you, I swear. It's just that your awesomeness has caused my morning sickness to get worse when I play you. I am missing you dearly and hopefully will be back to playing SOON!

Dear Weather,
You rock. That is all.

Dear Joe,
I'm sorry you have to work six days this week, at least the weather isn't as bad, right?! Thank you for everything you do, I know it's not easy.

Dear Adults,

Thank you for your time and/or cooperation. It is much appreciated.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Update

Well I had my appointment today to make sure everything was going well with baby and me. Baby is doing wonderful, kicking around in there free from harm and worry with a beautiful heart rate of 160! Mommy, on the other hand, is still having some bleeding and high blood pressure. I also have some placenta bleeding according to the ultrasound and because of these things I am being scheduled to see a high risk OB for a 3D ultrasound and some testing. My OB said "Hey, maybe they'll be able to tell you the sex of the baby!" which brightened things up a bit :) I'm very much looking forward to finding out!!

Here's my little gummy bear. Not so gummy bear like anymore! Now s/he actually looks like a baby!

I can't wait to show the kids when they get home from school!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We skipped Monday

We had quite an eventful Sunday.

This first part may be TMI for some of you, feel free to skip to the next part.

It began early. Six AM early. Both of my kiddo's decided that there was no use in sleeping in on a Sunday. (Of course not, what am I thinking?!) Cole decides to sit up in bed with me just chatting away. I try to just lay there thinking if I don't respond and try and seem like I'm sleeping, he'll stop. Hah. No such luck. Giving in, I sit up and notice I'm awfully wet in an area that definitely should not be wet. I'm thinking "Ohhhh great, Cole has peed on me!". I jump out of bed and head to the bathroom to get cleaned up and notice it's not pee. It's blood. Once my heart started back up and I blinked the tears out of my eyes enough to focus, I got showered real quick and called Labor and Delivery at the hospital to make sure I should come in. Of course I should! So, I do. Joe and the kids drive me to the hospital and as soon as I'm in there they're helping me out of my clothes and hooking up an ultrasound machine. There's baby, bouncing around with a heart rate of 143. I start bawling. I'm so relieved! After a painful pelvic exam they ask me for bodily fluids. They collect blood and urine and come back to tell me I have an urinary tract infection, booooo! So, I'm started on some medication and told to take it not once, not twice, not even three times a day, but FOUR. Four times a day. Good grief. That must be some UTI I've managed to get! Anyhow, they put me on pelvic rest and tell me not to douche, use tampons, smuggle drugs, etc. Cool, no problem. Nothing will enter the vagina. I'll put up a "NO ADMITTANCE" sign if need be. They also recommend bed rest. Because, you know, I don't have two kids at home. Two kids that need to eat regularly and are constantly getting into something or picking on each other. And that home that they're at won't get picked up, dishes won't get done, laundry won't get clean unless it's me doing it. Suuure thing. Bed rest.

That couldn't have been the worst part of the day, though. Oh no. Cole has to go off and one up me.

I go to lay down in bed with him as I have every day since he fractured his skull at school and he is burning up! I'm not convinced he's sick since he'd been acting just fine all day and decide it's probably just the fact that he's bundled up quite snugly in the blankets.. So, I uncover him to cool him down a bit and he starts having a seizure. This isn't a new development as he used to have seizures when he was much younger, but it's been over 2 years since he's had one so I'm trying my best to not freak out. I roll him onto his side and hold him until the seizure is over and yell across the house for Joe to come help me. We get Cole cleaned up, Mehkaelie woke up, and a hospital bag packed really quickly and head off to Children's. On the way, Cole has another seizure and stops breathing. Now I am freaking out. I'm rubbing on him and leaning him back prepared to do CPR in the backseat of the car if I have to and he starts gasping and breathing again. I start crying again. Eventually (after we've been lost in the city for a good twenty minutes) we make it to the hospital and the emergency entrance. We get a wheelchair since Cole is still so completely out of it and way too heavy for my pregnant self to be carrying around and Joe has to go park the car. We get in, register, and sit. Luckily, not for very long. They get us into triage, get us back to a curtained off room and there we stay until 3am. People come in and out, put an IV line in Cole's hand, give him and Mehkaelie both a Popsicle and push an IV line of Keppra (his seizure medication) to get it in and started. We're sent home with a prescription for more Keppra and told to follow up with his primary physician ASAP.

We make it home right around 4am and Mehkaelie says there's no way she's going to be able to wake up in 2 hours ready for school. I tell her not to worry about it she can stay home with us and sleep. I call the school and leave a message that neither of the kids will be there Monday and we all sleep until after 10am. Cole still doesn't want to wake up by 10:30 but I have to get him moving because we have an appointment with the PCP at 11:40. We leave the house at 11:35. Luckily, it's not very far so we made it there just 2 minutes after the appointment time. She sees Cole, checks him over, and sits to talk to me for a bit. As we're talking about Cole's seizures he starts shaking himself on the table. I almost lost it.. He was FAKING!! He was just doing it because we were talking about it. Little butt. Nearly gave me a heart attack. The dr laughed and said "that's not funny!".

Anyway, Monday was pretty much a blur the rest of the day.. We laid around, not sleeping like I wanted, making phone calls and watching TV, playing on the computer.. basically everything we would have done Sunday had it gone normally. Cole fell asleep at about 6pm and still didn't want to wake up this morning for school. This medication is kicking his little butt. Poor kid. I talked to the teacher and the school nurse to let them all know what's going on with little mister. Now that everyone is on the same page I feel a little better. Still a bit anxious about having him at school, though. Ah well .. mama bear stuff.

Miss Mehkaelie has been pretty wonderful. Very helpful and caring. She's such an amazing young lady already and it just drives me crazy that she's trying to grow up so fast. What happened to that little pink bundle of squish that I used to snuggle and kiss on and blow raspberries on to hear those angelic giggles? Man oh man .. These kids are my world. And we're adding a third to make the world a little bigger and brighter :)

So now, it's Tuesday. Our Monday for the week. And I am exhausted!! But, I can't fall asleep because I'm waiting for a call from the Neurology Department at Children's. *yawn*

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Childish Chaos

I'm not entirely sure what happened to my other blog .. but the interwebs seem to have eaten it since I didn't post on it for so long. So, here's a new one - a fresh start.. Man, I hate restarting blogs!

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