Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shower Power .. and Other Randomness

One of my favorite things about babies (under the age of 18 months) is bath time. Some love it, some hate it, but they always have the best facial expressions during bath time. Plus, as an added bonus, they smell SO good after they're clean! I've always been a fan of co-showers with my kids. Snuggling them, skin on skin, getting to have a few minutes to ourselves splashing in water getting nice and clean .. it's just the best. Haevyn and I had our first shower together last night and if it weren't for the water getting cold (I had been in for a while before I had daddy bring her to me, oops) we'd have stayed in until we were both prunes! It's definitely bittersweet to think of her being the last one I'll do that with.

In other news.. This week is Mehkaelie's class field trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo. I was absolutely in tears a few weeks ago when we were discussing field trips coming up. The schools policy the last few years has been that no parent that comes as a sponsor is allowed to bring younger siblings (or anyone not enrolled in the class) on the field trip.. The mentality being that if you're paying attention to a toddler your focus isn't on the group you're there to supervise. While I understand and yes, even agree, it was extremely frustrating to think I wouldn't be allowed to go. I've gone to every field trip every year with both kids and was devastated to think I wouldn't be allowed to go this year because I had Haevyn and no one to watch her. As luck would have it, though, they have now revised the rules! Now as long as you sign up you're allowed to come and stay with the group your child is in, not as a sponsor! So, Haevyn and I are zoo bound with Mehkaelie and her class this Thursday! I'm so excited about going .. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we're getting out of the house to go somewhere other than Walmart! Hah!

Cole's class field trip is next month and they're going to the science museum!! I absolutely cannot miss that! I think that's going to be a blast, I hope they have the same rules for it as they are doing for this one, otherwise I may just have to talk to the teacher and explain I am going to plan a trip that day as well and perhaps follow them around like a crazy person with a stroller. No biggie.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Suck on it!

It hit me when she was just a few days old.. Haevyn was a comfort sucker. Ow. Cole was a comfort sucker as well but Mehkaelie was such a well behaved toddler (that only ate toddler foods that more often than not I prepared all at once and just stuck in the fridge for later) that it wasn't too big of a deal if he wanted to sit and suckle for a good half hour or more before I was able to get up and do anything. Now, however, the older two are quite demanding on my attention not to mention the housework and what have you.. So, alas, I thought I would turn to the all mighty pacifier. The hitch? Haevyn disagreed. She decided she would not in fact suck on rubber. I tried again and again offering the same one and when it became clear she wasn't going to take it, I bought a new one. No luck. So, I bought two more. Again, no luck. So, I did what you'd expect .. I bought another one. After talking to other mothers and taking their recommendations, as well as my own fathers advice, I bought two more. Yes, that's right. There are at least six models of pacifiers out there, people. I know. I have them.. and Haevyn refuses to take any of them! I've tried squirting breast milk on them to get her to suck on them, even! Desperate? Maybe.. No matter, though. It didn't work anyway.

 We'll call this exhibit A.

Well after all of this I'm officially throwing in the binky towel. I didn't initially want her to have one at all so I suppose this is some cosmic way of letting me have my way, even if I did try to change my mind. So ... I'll be grateful later. Moving on.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

As I write this at 3:30a.m...

My sweet new baby girl is currently dozing off at the breast while my other two not-so-new-anymore babies are sleeping soundly awaiting morning so that they can tear into their Easter baskets and probably start a fight over who's eggs have the best goodies. I haven't been to sleep yet and I know tomorrow will arrive and I'll kick myself, but sitting here in bed, propped up on pillows, watching my baby and thinking about my other two beautiful children I can't help but be reminded of how lucky I am. Things get hard from time to time, sometimes they down right suck..but knowing I have three amazing children that love me and that I love more than anything gives me the strength to get through whatever life throws at me.

Alright, we can end the sappy moment now. I should get to bed anyhow. I'll have a fight to referee first thing in the morning after all.