Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Back

It has been 20 days since my last post!

In my defense my oldest had surgery two weeks ago and between keeping up with her, the baby, my son, husband, house and any and everything else that was thrown in my lap, I really didn't have time to update.

Mehkie is doing great. She's healing up perfectly. The day of the surgery I was a wreck. I was so jittery you'd have thought I was on something. Of course, I wasn't, but you'd have had to do some pretty serious convincing to get people to believe that! Everything went swimmingly, though, and she did fantastic. She wasn't hurting near as much as we thought she would be which was spectacular. She was still quite needy, though. We had her post op checkup yesterday and she's healing up great. Not 100% yet but the doc said it wouldn't be but a few more days, tops, until she was perfectly perfect again. Woo!

While she was home from school I started watching Lost. I had never seen this show before so it was pretty great to be able to start at the beginning without wanting to skip the less-liked episodes. I really enjoyed this show quite a lot! There are six seasons total, the last three being significantly shorter than the first three. Season five was definitely my least fave with season two being my most fave. The finale was pretty incredible albeit predictable. My favorite finale of any show is definitely Charmed, still.

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month this month and it's already almost over.. I almost always do an awareness picture for BCA and haven't this month. Of course, I have been a smidge busy with things *wink* Debating if I'm going to do something this year or just continue with the pink ribbon spreading and call it good. It is a topic very close to my heart and one I feel very strongly about so not doing something makes me feel like a slacker!

Cole goes back to see his neurologist next month. I'm not worried about this one as he's been seizure free since being back on his medication again. I hate that he has to take it at all though. I am going to talk to the doc about that and see how long he thinks we need to wait before trying to go without again. I'm still not convinced that the last seizure wasn't due to the skull fracture he sustained at school last year.

Haevyn still has zero desire to crawl. In fact, she will work herself up into quite the tizzy if she has to stay on her tummy at all! She is starting to really like her walker, though, and loves holding your fingers when standing and she's even starting to try and take a few steps that way. She has also started doing this new wide-mouthed-fish-face thing that is .. well .. it's not a pretty look for her, we'll just say that! It cracks up her sister, though, and that seems to be all she's worried about. She loves when they laugh with/at her!

Halloween is upon us once again and I'm really hoping the weather isn't too bad since it's Haevyn's first. I'd like to stroll her around with her brother and sister without her turning into a popsicle or soggy mess. Cole is going to be Harry Potter and Haevyn will be his owl, Hedwig. We thought that was adorable, hopefully they can pull it off! Mehkaelie has decided to be Little BLACK Riding Hood. She wanted to go a bit "dark" this year instead of sweet/pretty. This actually makes me pretty happy, I love Halloween, but with young kids you can't really get into the scary aspect much without scarring them, hah! Well, my kids anyway. They're not big fans of being scared.

I'm already planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well! Yay first holidays again! They always seem a lot more special and fun when celebrating with a baby for the first time for some reason.

And speaking of baby, she's demanding my attention. Ciao for now my friends.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

..and then the toilet paper dispenser attacked me.

This past Sunday my family and I went to the Oklahoma City Zoo. My husband, Joe, hadn't been in about 15 years so he was looking forward to seeing the changes. The kids and I had come over the summer with my mother-in-law and Mehkaelie's fourth grade class had their field trip at the zoo in late April but we were still super excited about going!

When we woke up, it was raining and quite cool out. I checked the weather and it said what I had hoped, that the rain would be gone within the hour and the sun would come out later that afternoon. We bundled everyone up and headed off to the city!

Haevyn's awesome hair-do
after taking off her beanie cap
on the way to the zoo.
When we got there the rain had already settled to a very fine mist and by the time we had parked and unloaded the car, it had stopped. We paid our way in, grabbed a map, and together tried to decide where we wanted to go first. That's when Joe pointed out that I was having so much trouble deciding because I was reading the Spanish side and not the English. I knew that, of course, I was just checking to see if he was really paying attention. *ahem*

We decided to walk through the Children's Zoo first since that seems to be where we always end up anyway and usually, never get past. We agreed we'd spend no more than ten to fifteen minutes in this area and then move on.
The kids really enjoyed the stone slide! There was also a small cave, some climbing ropes and a tunnel to walk through and view insects in this area. It was very informative and pretty neat to be able to see these things in the "dark" of the tunnel.

This is where Cole decided he was just so excited he couldn't stand to wait on us slow-pokes any longer and kept trying to run ahead. We kept getting on to him about needing to stay with us so he didn't get lost from us but he insisted that he would stay within eye shot. I finally ended up having to make him hold on to the stroller with me. He didn't like this idea one little bit, but he didn't run off ahead of us anymore, either. Mom, one. Son, zero.

The lorikeet exhibit was as fun as ever. This time it was Cole who was surrounded by the birds, they were even giving him kisses!

Even Joe made some new friends and was getting some action! He hadn't been to this exhibit before and was very impressed by it. He liked it quite a lot.

Mehkaelie shied away from the lorie's this time for some unknown reason. She wouldn't tell me why, just that she didn't want them all over her this time. I'm wondering if one may have had a potty break on her last time and she didn't tell me. Hmm..

Along the way we came across one of those put-your-head-in-the-hole-and-take-a-picture signs so we did! Well, the kids and I did. Joe was being a party pooper and wouldn't play along. Haevyn was less than thrilled about having her head held up to a hole as you can tell, as well.

Since the snake building didn't allow strollers and I didn't want to leave our stroller parked outside by itself, Haevyn and I took a moment to find a bench so she could nurse while Joe took the big kids inside to see the snakes and lizards. While Haevyn and I were resting, she thought it would be funny to keep popping off of my nipple while I was feeding her. She'd smile a little and then pop off and look around like she was thinking, "I wonder how many people I can expose my moms nipple to!" After I started to give up on nursing her she decided she'd go ahead and finish eating.

Once the rest of the family came out of the snake building (there's an actual name for it but I can't recall how it's spelled and spell check is zero help .. herpeterium? I think?) we decided to have a potty break and head to the giraffes. They were going to be feeding them and allowing others to feed them from 11-12 and I really wanted the kids to be able to do that.

While in the restroom, I found that there were no seat covers, so I carefully and artfully constructed my own out of the toilet paper from the dispenser. Once covering the seat completely, I did my business and then the toilet paper dispenser attacked me. No joke. It literally fell apart right there, just as I was reaching for the toilet paper, the cover flew off and sideways and smacked me right in the face. It whacked my eyebrow then shoved my glasses into my cheekbone, sliding down my cheek, before banging hard against the stall wall. I sort of just sat there in amazement wondering if that had really just happened. The soreness of my face and the sudden quietness in the restroom assured me that yes, it had. -Question. Why, when we hear a loud noise do we suddenly get quiet? Are we expecting to decipher exactly what the loud noise is coming from? Well if we do, then what? What did the other restroom patrons hope to accomplish by discovering that the dispenser was attacking me? Would they have come to my aid had I yelled? Probably not.. They probably would have made a beeline for the door..- Anyway, I tried my best to put the dispenser back together but it wasn't having it. I'm not sure what I did to snarl it off into some unknown dimension of broken but, there you have it.

We made it to the giraffes with about 15 minutes to spare before they stopped feeding them. Mehkaelie ran into a friend of hers from school that had just finished feeding them as we were coming up. The kids were handed handfuls of romaine lettuce and the giraffe guardians (I'm not sure what they're really called) explained what they would be doing.. How to feed them, what to expect, told us the names of the giraffes and so forth.

This was my favorite part while we were there. It was so cool being that close to the giraffes and watching the kids feed them! I just wish Haevyn were old enough to have gotten a chance to do the same.

After the giraffes we had lunch. Nothing exciting to report about that.

After lunch we walked around looking at other animals and reading their plaques. Sadly, not many of the bigger animals were out. I was really hoping to get to see some rhino's and elephants but I didn't get to. Oh well, maybe next time!

We did feed the ducks, which was a lot of fun for the kids, and Joe, and me. Haevyn didn't seem to care either way as she was asleep through the whole ordeal.

After the ducks we walked around a little more, the kids played at the playground for about two minutes before discovering that the bungee jumping machine, The Leaping Lizard, was up and running. They decided this is where they wanted to spend their zoo money. We cashed in their money for tokens and got up to the gate where I had to fill out paperwork releasing them from liable should anything happen to one of the kids whilst on the gadget. Way to make a mom feel safe, yeah? Cole had gotten his shoes off and I was just about to start on his paperwork when he informed me that there was no way he was going to go through with this business. Mehkaelie on the other hand couldn't get strapped in fast enough! It was hilarious seeing her get bungee'd back and forth. She had so much fun, it was fun to watch. I wasn't even very nervous! Well, to be fair, though, the thing doesn't go *that* far up in the air, and there's no real free-falling happening.

And, that was about it for our adventures at the zoo. We walked around only a little longer since it was starting to get very humid and the kids were starting to complain that their feet were getting tired.

It was a great day. Lots of fun and I'm so glad Joe was able to come this time. I hope we are able to have more family outtings as great as this one was in the future. And hopefully once Haevyn is a little older I'll have more pictures to post of her! She mostly just slept through everything or sat quietly looking around and absorbing everything this trip.