Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween + Thankful November

Well Halloween (and therefore October) is over! I have two huge gallon containers of candy to prove it! We separated the chocolate candy from the hard/fruity/non-chocolate candy and surprisingly enough the kids came up with just about the same amount of both. Last year they accumulated a TON of hard/fruity/non-chocolate candy and not so much chocolate (boo!). The kids had a blast trick-or-treating and Cole didn't get tired after only one block. In fact, by the end of the night he was declaring that he was "not even tired yet!"

Haevyn's first Halloween.. I think she enjoyed it, as much as any 7 month old can, that is! She did like my costume quite a lot. She laughed and smiled at me.. her sisters costume however scared her a bit! She cried when she saw her.

I saw this cute Halloween/Fall idea online and I just had to do it! She didn't want to look at the camera for anything. All three of us were standing in the front yard making weird noises and dancing around to no avail. She wanted to play with the leaves and look down inside the pumpkin to figure out why she was in it. I think it turned out pretty darn cute all-the-same! So, mission accomplished!

Well, it's onward to Thanksgiving now! I love Thanksgiving. I miss spending Thanksgiving with my dad and his side of the family. We haven't gotten to do that since I was pretty young. Now he has Thanksgiving with his wife and her family and I have Thanksgiving with my husband and his family. As much as I love this holiday, I do miss my family a lot during it. A friend on Facebook mentioned a cute little project her and her family were going to do.. she was going to hang up a "tree" and every day they would all write one thing they're thankful for on leaves. I thought I'd snag the idea and change it up a bit. We're doing a turkey and feathers! The kids have named him Trenton. He is Trenton the Thankful Turkey. We made him and his feathers together. Joe and added ours after the picture was taken. He's going to be loaded with all sorts of colors of feathers by the time Thanksgiving comes around! I'd love to do something similar every year. I was thinking next year we might write one-word-thanks on small stones and make a sort of rock garden of thanks with them. We'll see if I remember it by then! I can't wait until Haevyn can participate, hopefully next year. Maybe not for another two years though, we'll see.

Day 1: Cole is thankful for coloring pages.
Day 1: Mehkaelie is thankful for her family.
Day 1: Mom is thankful for her beautiful, healthy children.
Day 1: Dad is thankful for his wife and kids.