Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I haven't forgotten..

I know, I know.. It's been another long stretch since I've updated. You know how it is, though. Holidays, life. Children.

In the beautiful chaotic world that is my life, I've had quite a lot to deal with yet again. Cole developed stomach pains a week ago and was just in agony. My husband and I weren't completely convinced that it was .. well .. you know .. real, at first. It had an uncanny timing about it. The stomach pains, that is. They always seemed to come first thing in the morning, just before school. Yeah, yeah, what kind of parent thinks their child would try to get out of going to school?! Sheesh. Well, these parents. The ones that did try to get out of school a time or two themselves. Anyhow, several doctors and tests later we've come to find that he has Mesenteric Adenitis. Basically this means he has an infection and his stomach lymph nodes are taking the brunt of it. Rarely, though, this can be a sign of lymphoma so just to be certain it's not, we have another followup coming up in a couple of weeks.

Miss Haevyn had shots yesterday at her 9 month appointment and has had a terribly high fever because of them. She's also clingy and her legs hurt. She refuses to take her medicine without first emptying her stomach all over me and anything near us so it makes it a bit difficult to help her. But, alas, I do not give up easily. Every 4 hours we try again.

Mehkaelie is going to a sleepover this weekend and next weekend for a birthday party that is for the same child. That's not strange at all, eh? Well, whatever, I guess. She's only getting one gift ;)

Aside from that stuff.. we celebrated Thanksgiving with the in-laws. It was a lot of fun and even more great food! I need to start doubling any recipe I make, though. Apparently how much I think we all eat compared to how much we actually eat is a bit off.

We've also just had my dads birthday! We got him a special edition World of Warcraft mug and didn't even notice before sending it to him that there was a misprint on it. It says Stormwind on it but has a picture of Ironforge behind it. If you play WoW, you know how big of a difference that is.

And we put up the Christmas tree, decorated it, I wrapped a bunch of gifts we've already bought and put them under it and now it's torturous to the children to see them and not be able to have them. I finally understand why this is so amusing to parents. Not that I WANT to torture my children, of course.

So, there you have it. That's what I've been up to. I'm sure there are pages and pages more but that's all I have for you right now.