Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello, again.

Well .. summer break is officially over. The big kids are back at school, somewhat to my dismay. Is it wrong that I loved having little slaves helpers around all the time? I know I'm among just about every mom out there that says (aloud, to many folks' annoyance), "I can't believe they're already in X grade!! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!?" But yes, I have said it and will say it again.. I think it's hitting me a little harder this year than the previous years because my oldest is now in a completely different school. That's big time, ya'll. She's even developed a whole new attitude to go with her new school. It's not a bad attitude, it's just more .. grown up. Less "I need my mommy" and more "OMG Mom you're embarrassing me!!" Not that I mind .. much. I've actually been looking forward to this stage in her life since I gave birth to her. My dad used to go around saying things in front of our friends like, "That's boss!" or "Sup, dawg?" and even "Whaazzzuuup?" Yeah. He did. Most everyone loved my dad, though. Young or old, delinquent or honor student.. he was a riot. I want to be that parent for my kids. The one that may slightly embarrass them, but in a way that their friends find amusing. Then, maybe my kids will see that there is no reason to banish me and pretend that they don't know me and instead welcome me into the folds of their confidences and circles of friends. /end daydream Ok, maybe one day she'll want me to drive her to school again. At least for now Cole is still all-about-mom! Yeah!