Tuesday, August 12, 2014


There's research to show and backup just about everything these days. Don't praise your children too much, it devalues any "real" things they accomplish. Spank your children, it teaches them discipline, responsibility, consequence. Don't allow your children to "back-talk", question or raise concern with anything. Them having their own opinions is what causes the world such great disdain. Children should be seen and not heard.

Oh, but wait, children are allowed to have their own opinions after all. They're allowed to question things and even argue a little. We really shouldn't physically punish our children when using our words will suffice. We should also praise them as much as possible, build their self esteem high enough that it's harder for them to be torn down.

Bottle feed. No, breast feed. Cloth diaper. Well, ok, disposable diapering is fine. Medicate for any and every illness. Nah, let them fight it off themselves. Only use homeopathic remedies. Let them eat when they're hungry. You're feeding them too much. Make sure they go outside all day if the sun is out. Sun is bad, let them stay in. Don't let them watch TV. TV is educational.


What happened to using our instincts? What happened to helping each other out without judgement? Why are we so afraid to ask for help these days? Well because we're going to be judged and made to feel ashamed and embarrassed for doing so. For raising our children as we deem necessary and providing for them the best we can. It's exhausting. It's hard enough raising children to be bright, loving, caring, giving and well-rounded human beings without the added stress and strain of worry what everyone is saying about our parenting abilities behind our backs. Why do we let what they say bother us? Because we've been raised to believe that we need to fit in. That we need to be liked. This extends to every aspect of our lives. How we dress, do our hair, talk, walk.. everything. So why not how we raise our children?

It's just so exhausting. Don't you think?