Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things Girls Learn...

...and the people that teach them.

My oldest daughter and I were doing our nails and she asked me, "Since you didn't grow up with a mom, who taught you how to paint your nails?" It never occurred to me that my kids would be curious about stuff like that. It started to make me think back and remember all of the wonderful people that I had in my life that stood in place of a mother for me.

  • My Auntie Norma taught me how to paint my nails.
  • She also taught me how to use pads/tampons since I happened to be at her house when I started for the first time, lucky her, huh?
  • She also taught me how to shave my legs.
  • My pseudo-mom, the first real mom I knew, Glenda, my best friend's mom, taught me how to wear eye liner properly.
  • My dad taught me how to deal with a broken heart.
  • My dad and brother, Cody, both taught me how to defend myself.
  • My brother, Cody, taught me how to stand up for others, especially family.
  • My dad taught me how to cook. I still call him for cooking advice.
  • My pseudo-mom#2 Teresa taught me how to clean and make a house feel like a home.
  • Pseudo-moms 1-3 Glenda, Teresa and Tresa (another friends mom) taught me how to be a mom.
  • Wendy taught me how to loosen up and have fun living the life you have.
  • Teresa taught me how to love with my whole heart, no matter the consequence.
  • Jon, Glenda's husband, my best friend's dad, taught me that it's OK to care for and lookout for the well-being of anyone's child. Especially if they sneak boys into the house and get caught.
  • My nieces, Madison and Faith, taught me that babies are pretty cool and have the ability to turn grown men to mush.
  • My best friend, Tami, taught me how to dress without looking like my dad picked out my clothes.
  • My first boyfriend, first everything, Will, taught me what I should and shouldn't look for in guys for years to come.
  • My step-sister, Terri Dawn, taught me how to do my hair without it looking like my dad did it.
All of them taught me that I was loved, with or without a mom in my life.