Monday, November 17, 2014

Little Letters

Dear Pharmaceutical Companies,
It's already such a drag to fall ill in the first place, do you really have to make it worse by making the medications to cure said illness so damn expensive?
-Sick and Broke, thanks.

Dear Insurance Companies,
See above "Little Letter" and allow me to add; Why can't you cover every medication? If I have to take a certain medication and you don't cover it, I have to pay it in full and you know what, ouch, man. Ouch.
-Sick and Broke and Irritated, thanks.

Dear Big Shot in the Ass,
You made life bearable for several hours. I love you. Even if you were rough. It's ok, I forgive you, sometimes I like it that way.
-Wish You Didn't Wear Off So Soon

Dear Weird Strain of Streptococcus,

Dear Snow,
While I'm happy you've made it I do wish you had better timing so I could enjoy you more. I am also pleased that the kids are out of school today because of your arrival. It gives me an extra day to hang out in my pajamas (minus pharmacy trip) and relax and recoup.
-Happy To See You

Dear Divorce,
You are a necessary evil in some situations, unfortunately. I never thought I'd have to deal with you. But here we are. I wish it could go smoother. I wish I could figure everything out that needed figuring. I wish people, especially little people, didn't have to get hurt in the process.
-Give Me Strength

Dear Wal-Mart Savings Catcher,
Dude, this is just cool. I didn't think I'd like it and was getting annoyed seeing it on my receipts. Especially considering I manage to go to WM multiple times a week. However, I downloaded the app, I got on board and I've already saved 5 bucks. That's pretty cool stuff, I think. So, thanks.
-Saving Money is Never a Bad Thing