Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nail Wraps, Jamberry, and Me

If you're looking for the Jamberry review, scroll down - I marked it for ya.

Anyone that spends any kind of time talking to me or spends any time around me knows how much I love nail wraps. They're so much fun! They're so pretty! They're super easy and even better, the good ones last longer than any quality manicure!

My relationship with nail wraps started with a distant introduction. To Jamberry, in fact. I saw someone post their beautiful manicure/pedicure on Facebook and the designs on the wraps were just phenomenal. I started looking through the website and noticed a few things right off.

  • Tons of designs. Tons!
  • $15 for each sheet of Jams.
  • Easy to navigate website.
  • Several "extras"
So, naturally, I took to the web. What did other people think of Jamberry wraps? What exactly are wraps? How do you get the things off once they're on? What other companies make them? Do I have to order them online or can I get them local? You know, a thorough webvestigation. Here's what I found out.
  • Mixed reviews. The pro-Jamer's seemed to be people that had been using them for a while. Most newbies weren't thrilled with them. They found them difficult to apply, found that they didn't last the stated two weeks before starting to peel up, and/or that they were difficult to remove. My take-away? Like with most things, the more experience you have with them, the better you get at applying them - but do I really want to spend $15/sheet getting the hang of applying them? Are they worth putting the money in to?
  • I discovered that nail wraps were actually developed in the 80's! Did you know that? The 80's!!! They are made from several different materials but most commonly these days they are designs printed on adhesive that you rub directly onto your nail.
  • Most nail wraps can be easily peeled off after having soaked in warm/hot water or polish remover while some need to be taken off like regular polish with remover and a swab.
  • Soooo many other companies make them!
  • You can buy them online and in stores! Depending on the company you're hoping to buy from.
So, I went on a search through my local stores. Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Sally Beauty Supply, Dollar Tree. I found some everywhere! How long had these been here?! They're everywhere!! I picked up several and started giving them a try. What I discovered was that I love Sally Salon Effects (roughly $5-$8). They were most nail polish like. They stayed on without chipping for just under two weeks, they didn't peel up since they were polishy. I liked that a lot. Also, my absolute favorite design comes from Sally. Most of the brands I found that were adhesive based peeled up fairly easily, accidentally usually, and didn't last more than a week without at least one nail having already come up. The Dollar Tree ones ($1) were my second favorite, believe it or not. Since the adhesive nail wraps only lasted a week anyway, why pay more for them? I found more designs that I loved so for shorter wear time, just to get me through an event or few days I go for the Dollar Tree for the fun wraps. The Dollar Tree wraps could last 2 weeks without showing signs of wear on the toes and the Sally wraps up to a month!

--------------->JAMBERRY REVIEW<---------------
Enter Jamberry. A few of my friends and family members began selling the wraps as an at-home business venture type of ordeal. I still couldn't bring myself to spend $15/sheet of wraps. Not until a mommy friend of mine had a Jamberry Online Party. It was a blast!! She held a lot of games and giveaways - you could also request a sample. She made it a lot of fun. I decided to jump in and play some of the games and eventually decided to do a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal. I was super excited to get my designs!! I received my confirmation email almost immediately after ordering and my shipping email three days later. I received my Jams 6 days after placing my order. Not too shabby! Here's what I ordered:

The only disappointment was the ones on the far right. I was hoping they'd be lighter than they are. They actually appear to be a medium grey. I'm sure I will enjoy them once I put them on but they just aren't calling to me yet.

I placed a second order during another game and only today received my shipping confirmation. I placed the order a full week ago! So I am hoping that I will get them in the mail by Saturday. We'll see. Very disappointed by the time it took to get this order processed and shipped out.

Application. Uuuuggghhhh. While I already didn't love that they were adhesive wraps, I was really hoping for more of a polish type again, I was even more thrown off by the fact that I needed to heat them up before applying. Seemed like too much extra work. But hey, these are super cute, I wanted to give them a go. So, I did. It definitely did take more time than your basic peel-stick-file-and-go. I didn't love that, but hey, roll with it, right? Apply away. Once they were all on I noticed some things.

  • They're super shiny!
  • They're very sticker-esque. I don't love this. 
  • The heating was annoying. I get the general idea behind it but it really does add time to the application process and they don't feel any more secure to my nails than the basic adhesive wraps are. We'll see, though. I'll let you know when they start falling off or when I decide to take them off.
  • Even with the heating, I couldn't get them perfect. I don't seem to have that trouble with other wraps so this was frustrating. I tried not heating them as much, heating them more, nothing seemed to work. It's nothing major, and perhaps it really is just something I need to practice at. We'll see. I have a Jamberry Mini-Heater on the way so I'll use it and see if it somehow makes a difference. 
  • Super, super cute!
Here's how my nails turned out.

Not bad. And super cute for sure! I can definitely get a few applications out of one sheet which is a bonus. For the money, I'd say it's not as bad of a deal as I'd originally felt it was. Again, though, this depends how long they last. We'll see what happens!

If you want to check them out, check out this website - I am also having a Jamazing Online Party through Facebook if you want to check that out. It ends this weekend, so check it out soon!