Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What About the Good Stuff?

It's so easy to focus on the bad things.. How hard things are, how much things suck, how awful people are, etc. It's easy to want to complain, rant, vent, whatever you want to call it, and let out the crappy feelings, showering other people with your issues. But how often do we stop to do the same with the good stuff? From my experience, not often enough.

Sure, when something absolutely incredible happens - the birth of a baby, engagement or wedding, promotion, so forth - we like to go on about that. Sometimes to the annoyance of those around us, even. Maybe that's why? Because we know that people get annoyed with our good fortune if they're not in the throws of it themselves?

What about the little things though? Getting to sit hand in hand in the movie theater next to the person that means the most to you in the world, or going out to your favorite restaurant with that person, laughing together about the fact that you have only ever ordered the one dish from there. Finding that person that you can talk to about anything, everything, or absolutely nothing, and knowing that while you may not see eye to eye on everything it's ok because you still work just fine together. You balance each other out. Or, getting to snuggle with your oldest child for a few minutes without her pushing you away because she's too old for snuggles with mom now. Watching your youngest run around the house kissing everyone proclaiming that they're her best friend. Listening to your boy singing a song at the top of his lungs and getting most of the words wrong but it sounds so much better this way.

Are we really that petty that we can't be happy for and with other people for their happiness? I don't mean those closest to us, the ones that are family or like family. Usually, yes, we are happy for them. We enjoy hearing of their happy moments and celebrating these things with them without too much thought of, "why couldn't that be me?".

Maybe it's more that we almost enjoy knowing other people are going through shitty situations. Maybe we need to know that it's not just us. We hear that all the time anyway, right? "You're not alone", "You think you have it bad? What about...", "Someone out there is worse off than you", and so forth. I've talked about this pet peeve of mine before. I don't care how shitty my situation is, it doesn't negate the shittiness of yours. And yes, I know mine could be worse, but do I really need it to get worse to appreciate that fact? Absolutely not; And probably, neither do you. Is that what it is though, I wonder? Needing to know we're not alone in our misery? I suppose that saying had to come from somewhere.

Misery Loves Company

Maybe seeing others spread some happy around would help us feel a little less miserable about our own lives. I don't know. Perhaps that's just me. I sure could use some happy, though. I also hope to help others find some happy in theirs from time to time.